Angela Gray, Dip Counselling, DCG, DCH, MBACP, GHR Reg, SQHP
  Psychotherapist / Hypnotherapist Tel:  07824 430476
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"Working with Angela who offered new ways for me to look at my problems both past and present, enabled me to pluck up the courage to counter my demons and start taking chances. I now have a job and my life is moving forward and none of that would have been possible without working with Angela. Her counselling is both realistic and optimistic, and most importantly she helps to craft solutions that are specific to the individual. I cannot stress enough the transformation that working with Angela has brought to my life". (JP. Sussex.)

"Angela is an asset to the Counselling profession". (AP. London.)

"I have noticed a big difference in my daughter (aged 15) since she has been coming to see you. We both appreciate everything you have done. Thank you so much". (SH. Middlesex).

"You helped me with my phobia and I would recommend you to anyone". (JG. Surrey.)

"I started out not believing I would really be able to be hypnotised and I am still astounded that I am. It has helped me immeasurably". (PA. Middlesex).















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